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It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Kia or a Jag, a SUV or a sports car. Vehicles today are complex machines. Their lightweight construction and specialized technology improve fuel efficiency and protect you and your family. We believe in providing high quality repairs that put your safety first. You pick the repair shop, so there’s no reason to do the repairs as cheaply as possible.

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What is state minimum liability?
Liability coverages take care of the other people’s medical bills & vehicle repairs if you cause an accident. Texas law requires drivers to carry the following minimum auto insurance coverages:
  • Bodily Injury Liability: $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident.
  • Property Damage Liability: $25,000.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $2,500 unless you reject this coverage.
State minimum requirements are not coverage recommendations, just the minimum needed to drive legally in each state.
Should I upgrade my liability?
You might not need much liability insurance if you have no assets to protect. Suing you would be pointless for the other party. But if you own a home and have savings, you need enough liability insurance to cover their value.


Add up the value of your home, cars, savings and investments, then subtract your debt to determine your net worth. You’ll want total bodily injury limits (the middle number) at least that high. Options tend to come in $50,000 or $100,000 increments.


For example, if you found your net worth to be $220,000, a good policy might have 100/250/100 liability limits or higher. Property damage tends to cost less than injuries in an accident, so focus on the middle number when looking at coverage options.
Should I get full coverage?
For most of us the quick answer is yes, because full coverage is required by most lenders.
A typical full coverage policy also covers you & your vehicle if you (or an uninsured motorist) causes an accident. These policies include the liability mentioned above plus:
  • Collision which pays to fix your car when you’re at fault.
  • Comprehensive which pays to fix your car when damaged in a non-accident such as hail.
  • Uninsured / underinsured motorist pays your vehicle and your medical expenses when the other guy doesn’t have any or enough liability. It’s estimated that 14% of Texas drivers do not carry the required state minimum liability insurance.
Don’t forget to ask about discounts!
There are a ton of different discounts out there. Here are some you can ask about:
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Multiple policies with the same company
  • College students living away from home
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Drivers ed courses
  • Low annual mileage
  • Long-time customer
  • More than one car
  • No accidents in three years
  • No moving violations in three years
  • Student drivers with good grades